Monday, July 27, 2009


So I have been released from my primary chorister calling. I have been for a little while now, but I have not been able to decide what the fate of this blog is going to be. I am still in the primary as part of the primary presidency, so I still will be involved. However I have not decided if I will keep making my visuals. I am finding that I don't have the time anymore that I wish I had to devote to making them. It is also looking like I won't get around to making new visuals for "Families can be together Forever". It is hard to find the time to make them, when I won't actually be needing to use them myself.
I still plan on maintaining this blog, and maybe develop it into something more beyond singing time, but I haven't for sure decided that yet.
Anyway in the past a few people have sent me their own visuals, which I have really appreciated. So for now, if anyone has their own visuals that you would be willing to share, I would be willing to post them on this blog, and I would also be willing to email them out to who ever requests them. I can also make them into pdf format if need me too. You can email them to me and give me your name and general location, just so I can give you the credit for them. Don't send me anything that you are not willing to share with everyone else, and also make sure it is your own that you send me and not another person's work.
Remember I am still not going anywhere, just changing it up a little. Thanks for all of your interest and support in this blog, it has been great to get to know new people all over the world.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Teach Me To Walk In the Light

We are doing "Teach Me To Walk in the Light" for July. Since it is one of the months we can choose our own song, I decided to keep it simple. I am sure most everyone is doing something different, but here are my visuals if they help anyone.