Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I am so sorry I have been such a slacker lately.  It has been a very busy couple of months and I just have not had the time to work on my primary stuff like I have wanted to.   I have not even started teaching the Baptism song yet.  Hopefully a lot of you are like me and have been working on Mother's day, but if not then I am sorry I was not able to get anything up to help anyone.  Stephanie as shared with me her visuals for the song Baptism.  I really like them so I am going to use them instead of making some.  She has allowed me to post them so anyone else may use them if you want.  Thanks Stephanie!  
Sorry again, Hopefully I will get the song for next month up soon.  


Sharon said...

thank Stephanie for me too .. i l♥ve the visuals!! i've already started teaching the song but this will be great to use as we finish & keep for review(s) when necessary .. thanks!!

Repeka said...

Hi Shari,

You're website is incredible!!! You do an amazing job, thank you so much. I am most impressed with your 'Baptism' visual aid. I am curious as to how you got the pics...could you enlighten me please? I have been trying to do this to no avail. Is there a software you use? Could you please let me know how I can also obtain pictures like these for future songs? Thank you so much:) Repeka

Anonymous said...

You have been added to LDS Listings. Thanks!

Shari said...

The Baptism visual aids are really good. However I can't take credit for them. Someone else let me use them. I am not sure where she got them from. The ones I do, I ususally get the clipart from sugardoodle.net