Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking for some suggestions.

Okay, so one of my terrible weaknesses is that sometimes I have a hard time making up my mind.  And so for this reason, I am struggling with the "My Eternal Family" Visuals.   For some reason I can't find a good picture for the "I am a builder" line that I jumps out at me.  And since of course this is the first line of the song, I am stuck.  So then the thought occurred to me, instead of loosing sleep over this silly issue, maybe I would ask for some opinions from all of the great and wonderful people who read this blog, and have used my visuals.   So help me decide, these are the 2 pictures so far that I have found that I am thinking about.  Which one do you like better?  Or does anyone know of a better one? 

(I guess my draw back with these, is they are really about Nephi, and not about building families but they are still cute I think.)  What do you think?  


Angie said...

Out of those two, I like the one of the little boy thinking about Nephi.

I taught this song to the stake primary leaders in November, an went a little different route. We built a house, with each phrase adding a new element (foundation, frame, etc.) - so by the time you got to the last line, 'my eternal fsmily', you opened the front door and saw a family inside.
The point of telling you all that is that for "I am a builder" I had them each holding a different piece of the house, or a tool, and they held it up when we sang that part.
I think I'll take pics and put them on my blog. If you'd like, I'll send you a link when I'm done.

Julie Pia said...

I would love a link to Angie's blog too. I love your blog, but always looking for as many options as humanly possible.

I like the second pic better because it pertains to us or in this case a little boy. He's thinking about being a builder in his mind. I like that and will want to use it for sure.

Thanks, Julie

Tamie said...

you can check out my blog....i've got visuals done for that song and have posted them on my right sidebar.
what i think that i'm going to do with it is use these cardboard bricks that we got a few years ago fro Christmas (and have never used) and put the pictures on those bricks as we learn the song and build a house for our family.

T said...


I just stumbled along your blog while looking for ideas to teach "How Firm a Foundation". I have struggled with a way to teach it. Love your visuals. I will be a regular visitor from now on. Thanks for sharing your talents! If anyone else has great ideas they are willing to share I am open to them all.

The Waters Family said...

I am loving your creativity and wonderful visuals! Could you email me the file with the helps for "The Family is of God"

Thank you so much in advance!

galbraiths said...

Hi shari.. I am trying to Re-teach these songs since my kids don't know them. Could you send me your files for Baptism, how firm a foundation and , My eternal family??

galbraiths said...